Who is Christ?

The Lord Jesus Christ is not simply a man who thinks that He is God, for He is God manifest in the flesh, as St. Paul the Apostle says: "Great is the mystery of godliness" (1 Tim. 3: 16).

Letter to a University Student

I thank God that He has granted you the blessing of entering the academic field. A university is not only a school of knowledge, but also a school of life. The young person who spends the university years with an upright heart builds a mature and effective Christian personality and increases his experiences of life day by day. He is transformed by grace into a faithful witness to Christ in an age in which faithful witnesses are rare.

Union with God

"He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me and I in him." (Jn.6: 56)

Thus said our glorious Lord, but do you allow me, dear reader, to repeat this verse in the negative? "He who does not eat My flesh and does not drink My blood, does not abide in Me and neither do I abide in him!!" Do you not agree with me that this is an alarming version and its result a painful one?!

The Vast Bounds of Faith in God

To believe in God is that we believe He is omnipotent, wise, just, merciful and loving.

Faith in God requires us to have faith in every one of these attributes and follow them in our lives. Faith is not an arbitrary need to satisfy God's power, but the secret of everyone's happiness who believes with joy and contentment. God determined faith for mankind due to love, the most important of His attributes. Having loved mankind as His distinctive creation God accordingly invited it with loving insistence to believe in Him, to enjoy His presence and fulfill the blessed purpose for which He created it. For God created man to enjoy God?s attributes that are all good and benevolent.

Christ of the Whole World

LET US BEGIN the message of the new birth this year with the psalm of Paul the Apostle, theological in its construction, deeply human in its import, rising up to increase our knowledge of Christ and set it on a new lofty foundation, divine yet human, extending limitlessly to heaven and throughout the earth. Here the Apostle Paul describes Christ in such a way that he surpasses all our traditional knowledge and all the familiar phrases, which we sometimes find so satisfying in themselves that we go without the Christ who was born in Bethlehem. We need the words of the Apostle here at this time to shake the foundations of logical thought and awaken the Christian to a greater knowledge of his Christ, born in Bethlehem, Christ of the whole world.

فاعلية التجسد فى حياتنا

منذ البداية حدثت مشاكل جسيمة بخصص موضع التجسد، فسمعنا عن الدوستيين الذين أنكروا حقيقة جسد السيد المسيح تصوروه - كوطاخى فيما بعد - جسداً خيالياً أو غازياً. الأمر الذى جعل معلمنا يوحنا البشير يكتب رسائل دفاعاً عن أن جسد الرب كان حقيقياً وناسوته كان كاملاً.

Feast of The Pentecost

الراهب و الشجرة

هو راهب غيور سمع عن شجرة يسكنها شيطان ويعبدها الناس فدفعته شهوه مقدسة وقرر أن يذهب ويقاتل هذا الشيطان . الذي قال له : ما دخلك بي دعني وشأني لماذا تريد أن تقطع الشجرة ؟

St. Mary

Sermons and meditations regarding the life of St. Mary and her family

عظات و تأملات عن حياة السيدة العذراء و عائلاتها

أعلم بمن أمنت


من كثرة القسوة يا سيدي , لم أكن أعلم أني قد بنيت أسوار تلو الأخري , وأحطت نفسي بها لأحمي نفسي . من أي أذي .. تعبت يا سيدي ... حجبتني هذه الأسوار حتي عن محبتك ... أيها الرب يسوع لقد حرت في الطريق أجدة مسدود ليس فيه أمل أريدك انت ان تعمل . ها انا كطفل صغير بين يديك ..

أوقات الأحساس بالوجود مع الله

  لقداسة البابا شنودة الثالث

ما هي أوقات الإحساس بوجود الله ؟

متي تشعر النفس بأن الله موجود معها ؟

في الحقيقة , من ضمن الأوقات الأساسية التي نحس فيها بوجود الله معنا :