About Us

Chicago Copts is a non-profit association dedicated to two main goals. The first of these goals involves education of the general public concerning who the Copts are, where they came from, and their presence in the Chicagoland community.

The second of these goals involves social services. These social services involve encouraging new immigrants and helping them to get established. Specifically, volunteers of Chicago Copts will assist in helping new comers apply for a Social Security card, resume writing, networking for job opportunities, teaching English as a second language, introduction into living in the U.S., clothes drives, food drives, assisting senior citizens with cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, and other social needs.

Chicago Copts is also interested in connecting volunteers with other well-established volunteer organizations such as United Way, the Salvation Army, and others. Everyone is welcome to volunteer. If a volunteer expresses an interest in working with a particular organization, Chicago Copts will help to facilitate the cooperation between our volunteers and the specific organization. For example, volunteers of Chicago Copts may donate their time as volunteers of Little Brothers of the Elderly. They may also wish to help in food drives that are organized by other organizations. By facilitating the communication between Chicago Copts volunteers and other organizations, we hope that our charitable contributions to the general public will be more organized and more beneficial as a galvanized effort by several volunteer organizations.

Chicago Copts wishes to emphasize that these volunteer services will be offered to anyone who is need of them and our services will be publicized to the public at large. We hope that through these social services, we may continue to serve our primary goal of educating the public about the Copts.

Some examples of educational forums Chicago Copts hopes to use include seminars, public speaking at schools and events open to the public. By hosting a public picnic or a carnival, Chicago Copts hopes that the public will be exposed to the Coptic community and learn about the history of the Coptic Church. Similarly, by offering important, needed social services, we hope that the public will accept these services and express an interest in learning more about the Coptic people.

Some topics of our educational efforts include teaching the public about the history of the Coptic Church, its traditions, including theology, teaching of the church fathers, traditional Coptic hymns, hosting Bible studies, and the richness of the Coptic language and art. Our educational mission will also include information about the Coptic community in the United States, how and when they began to immigrate, and the important contributions they have made to society.

Because our services will be offered to anyone who is interested, we hope that the public will have the opportunity to learn more about the Copts and their rich history.