A Coptic American: Not understanding the Struggle of Egyptian Minorities

Like every other American, I wake up every morning with a common routine: the normal everyday struggles of getting my son ready for school, getting myself ready for work, paying bills, making food for our meals, and so on. I am lucky to have such a routine; a routine that many dream of. I was fortunate that my father brought my family to this country when I was only 1 year old. This gave me the opportunity to learn what freedom means. Freedom is what the forefathers of this country drafted in our Constitution, allowing equality, the rights to expression, and the right to religious affiliation to all.
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What Do You Know About The Coptic Language?

The Coptic Language is the Egyptian language, which the Church has preserved in its liturgies, prayers, books and scripts, after it became almost impossible to use as a spoken language because of the great persecution that it suffered from. Many of the foreign rulers, threatened to cut the tongue of any Egyptian that was found speaking in Coptic, in spite of it being the ancient Egyptian language. What do you know about our ancient heritage? The Coptic language is the last stage of the old Egyptian dialect, which has been used in the Nile Valley for not less than 5000 years BC. At the time Christianity entered Egypt, it was used as the spoken language.
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