Ascension - Higher Institute of Coptic Studies

Verses of the Cymbals
Praxis Response
Afrek Etfe
Khristos Anesti - Long
Khristos Analemepsis - Long
Khristos Analemepsis - Short
Pikhristos Aftonf
Agios - Festive
Psalm Response
Gospel Response
Aspasmos Adam

Pentecost - Higher Institute of Coptic Studies

Verses of Cymbals
Kata Ni Khoros (El Hegab) M.Mikhael
Onim nai
Ya Kol El sefoof and Ekhristos Anestee M. Mikhaeel
Ekhrestos Anelim-epsis - Long
Pekhrestos Aftonf .. Afshenaf .. Afo-orp
Praxis Response
The Third Hour Litanies
Pi-epnevma - M. Mikhael
Pashois Esos Pekhrestos
Psalm Response
Gospel Response
Aspasmos Adam
Aspasmos Watos
Psalm 150 - Rare Great Version
Psali Adam - Festive
1st Sagda Gospel Response

St. Mary Hymns - Higher Institute of Coptic Studies

Arabic Introduction
Introduction Doxologies
Evening Doxology Saint Mary
Doxology Archangel Michael
Doxology Heavenly Hosts
Doxology Saint Mark
Doxology Saint George
Doxology Pope
Conclusion Doxologies
Tengosht Evol - We Look for the Resurrection of the Dead
Efnouti Nainan - O God Have Mercy
Long Kirie Leison - Lord Have Mercy
Je Afsaji - Coptic Psalm
Arabic Gospel
Aomish Eneshimi - Gospel Respons
Ekesmarout - Truly Blessed
Emmon She
O Kirios Meta So
Shashf Ensop - Seven Times Everyday
Shashf Ensop Arabic Reading

Feast of the Cross

Cross Doxology (And we also the people)
Hymn for the Cross (Etaven Pi Eskhay, When Constantine's peaceful writings)
Hiten Ni Efki (Through the prayer of my master)
Praxis Response (Hail to the Cross)
Gospel Response (Greatly honored is the sign of the Cross)
First Part Paralex (O my Lord Jesus Christ)
Fai Etaf Enf (He, who offered Himself)
Aspasmos Adam Coptic (They likened the rod of Aaron)
Aspasmos Adam Arabic (They likened the rod of Aaron)
Aspasmos Watos Coptic (The Cross is our weapon)
Aspasmos Watos Arabic (The Cross is our weapon)
Melody for Distribution (I begin the name of the Trinity)

Apostles - Higher Institute of Coptic Studies

Shere ne
Morning Doxology for St Mary
Doxology for St Mark
Special Doxology for the Apostles
Doxology for the Apostles
Conclusion of the Doxologies
Ondos - Complete Hymn
Praxis Response
Enthoten Ze
Aspasmos Adam
Aspasmos Watos
Hiten - Feast of Apostles
Praxis Reponse - Feast of Apostles
Gospel Response - Feast of Apostles
Psalm - Feast of Apostles
Gospel - Coptic & Arabic - Feast of Apostles
Aspasmos Adam - Feast of Apostles