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We have longed for an organization aimed at uniting all of Chicago's Coptic Americans socially and educating the public about the Copts. During the framing of this association, we stressed our commitment to family. This association will consist of spiritual and social events, family functions, and activities for children. Chicago Copts is an organization that will forever bond all of Chicago's Coptic Christians, past, present, and future; uniting the wisdom of the old with the new born children, while simultaneously spreading the news about the Coptic religion and culture to our American surroundings. Chicago Copts recognizes the strength unique to the Coptic Community, and strives to continue strengthening this bond by promoting unity between generations.

We, therefore, welcome you to your website. We invite and encourage you to join the association and become an active member. Sign up in the members join page. We especially encourage you to leave an email address where we will inform you of events, news, services we provide, and changes to the association. You can also visit the website for more information on membership and association activities. We want you to know that this association is about all Coptic Americans and the community we serve -- there is strength in numbers, and the larger the organization, the more powerful we will be in keeping the members of the one body of Christ united.


Hide The Wine! I'm Hosting My First Eid Al-Adha Feast

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
A few days ago, my dad gave me a call. "When we land in D.C., it's going to be Eid al-Adha," he said. "You know, the one where we eat kharouf."No, I did not know. I had never observed the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.Although my father is a Muslim, my mother is Filipino and a strict Catholic. My parents divorced when I was a child. For most of my life, my dad lived in ...
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Islamic State militants attack Egyptian police checkpoint, killing at least 8

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
CAIRO -- Islamic State militants killed at least eight policemen in an attack on a checkpoint in Egypt's volatile northern Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The assault was the latest sign that the Islamic State's Egypt affiliate continues to pose a threat to the country's security forces despite a highly touted and intense campaign by the military since early 2018 that has, for the most part, managed to stop large-scale ...
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Man convicted in church fundraiser shooting loses appeal

Monday, April 15, 2019
DOVER, Del. -- Delaware's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a man convicted of fatally shooting the leader of his Coptic church during a church fundraiser in 2008. In a ruling Friday, the court said Monir George's latest appeal was filed too late, and that he had not demonstrated any new evidence suggesting he was actually innocent, or any new law that would render his conviction invalid. George is serving life in prison after a judge ...
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Egyptians cheer Rami Malek's Oscar win but wonder: Could he have done it here?

Monday, February 25, 2019
CAIRO -- When Rami Malek on Sunday became the first Egyptian American to win a best actor Oscar, Nesma Nasr experienced an unfamiliar jolt of inspiration. She felt that she, too, could succeed -- if she left her homeland. "His winning made me feel like I have a hope," said Nasr, a 28-year-old designer. "If one day I traveled outside Egypt, I could accomplish something on my own because I have been crushed in all ways ...
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Egypt opens Middle East's biggest cathedral

Sunday, January 6, 2019
President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has inaugurated Egypt's largest cathedral in the new administrative capital east of Cairo, a day after a deadly bomb blast near a Coptic church.The newly built Cathedral of Nativity had its first Mass under heavy security on Sunday, the eve of Coptic Christmas.On Saturday, a policeman died trying to defuse an explosive device hidden on a roof in Nasr City outside Cairo.Copts make up about 10% of Egypt's Muslim-majority population.Many say ...
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Dahshour Train Accident Victims All Copts, Says Church
Archbishop Bakhoum of the Virgin Mary Church in Fayoum has said that all the victims of the Dahshour train crash were Copts from the same family who were coming home from a betrothal ceremony in a church in Maadi.
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Egypt: Fears Replace Christians' High Expectations
There is no sign of the hundreds of thousands of Christian pilgrims who flock here every November. No tattoo artists inscribing crosses on the wrists of babies or images of saints on the arms of young men. No stalls selling crosses, icons or pillows embroidered with portraits of patriarchs.
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Violence Against Copts in Egypt
Egypt's outdated laws and authoritarian institutions have fueled violence and discrimination against the Egyptian Orthodox Christian community. The Egyptian Orthodox Christian community -- the Copts -- has been the target of violence and discrimination since the 1970s and especially following the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak.
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